Rules and Regulations


  • The students have to take prior written permission from the Principal /Class coordinator if any leave is required.
  • In case the student remains absent for some reason without prior notice, he/she has to submit an application stating the valid reason along with the necessary documents.
  • The attendance for the day will be given only if the student has attended all the lectures, practicals or activities for that day.
  • Minimum 80% attendance is compulsory throughout the course.
  • Students must be regular & punctual in attending classes, tutorials, internal test, lessons, activities, competitions, outside visits and submission of the practical in various subjects.
  • Students should write the daily diary & take the signature of group teachers at the end of the week.
  • Students must use uniforms of prescribed pattern during conducting lessons, visit to outside institutions and other specified activities.


  • All the students must attend the classes in decent uniform prescribed by the college on all instructed days.
  • Loud talking, loitering, smoking or congregating in the premises and disturbing the premises and disturbing the laboratory & classes must be prohibited. Students found indulging in these will face disciplinary action.
  • It is an offence to obstruct the principal in the pursuit of his/her duties. Such obstruction shall include abusive language, inappropriate behavior & the failure to comply with the reasonable request of the principal.
  • Smoking, drinking (alcohol) & use of ‘Drugs’ is strictly prohibited in the premises of the college.
  • Students should ensure their conduct & behavior is conducive with the rights of other to reasonable enjoyment of college facilities. Failure to do so may constitute a breach of the college rules. In such case the college authority will have the right to rusticate or suspend a student based on the nature of misconduct. The decision of the college authority will be final in such guard.
  • Students are expected to observe cleanliness in the premises all the times.


  • The college is part of university and all university rules apply.
  • The changes in the address & contact No. of the students must be intimated by him/her in writing to the college office at the earliest.
  • A student must carry identity card signed by the principal and produce the same whenever asked by the institute authorities. Without identity card, students won’t be allowed to enter the premises & will be strictly dealt with.
  • A student is expected to read all the notices put on the notice board or Whats App group of the college regularly. The college accepts no responsibility for loss of any advantage by student due to his failure to read the notice in time.
  • A student will be bound by the rules & regulations laid down by the college from time to time.
  • Neither the college nor the establishments will imparts on job training to the students, hence shall not be responsible for any kind of accidents or occupational hazards to the students, and will not entertain any claims for any such accidents or damages
  • The student should take utmost care and refrain from doings things which may lead to any such accidents or mishaps.
  • To safe guard their interest, all students must ensure that adequate personal accident Insurance covers them. College will not be responsible for staking the claims.
  • Failed student will be allowed to appear for the examination as per rules laid down by the respective authorities such as college/university.
  • It will be entirely the responsibility of the parents/ guardian to keep close touch with their son/daughter ward.
  • Students will not do outdoor catering of food service orders during the tenure of their study in this college without written permission from the principal, The principal is at liberty to take action against students who indulge in this practice.
  • In additional to the theory & practical training at the college, students are required to undergoes practical & lessons in school, students should arrange their own transport. Students should undergo their training at the establishments decided by the college only. No change will be entertained.
  • Student will be responsible for loss or damage of books/ magazines / C.D.s etc. borrowed from college library & will have to pay the cost of the damaged items immediately.

Wherever rules are silent, decision of the management council of Arihant Education Foundation will be final and binding to all the students.  

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