About Library

The library of Arihant Education Foundation’s Arihant College of Education is a well-equipped library with a full time librarian named Sanjay Koli. The work of this library is carried out with the help of library software of KOHA. The library has a total stock of 6205 books and 05 magazines and journals are subscribed besides three current papers.

Library at Glance

Stack Room and Periodical Section: In the stack room (500.72 Sq.Ft.) books are arranged subject wise. All the latest periodicals and daily newspapers are available for the students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Reading Room

Reading room (1500.44 Sq.Ft.) is available for the students to study from 10:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and holiday library is remains closed.

Internet and Computer

Internet facility is available for students as well as our staff members free of cost on working days. 50 computers are available for the students.

Library Committee

Dr.Sujata Adamuthe is the Chairman of the library committee, whose function is to advice on the management, administration, purchasing of books and periodicals and improvement of library services time to time. Prof. Sanjay Koli who is the Librarian and secretary of the committee.

Book Collection

The College Library presently has 6205 Books, which cost in Rs. 09, 96,053/-

Journals and Periodicals

The College Library has subscribed 05 periodicals, which cost around Rs. 16550/- p.a

History of Library

The Arihant Education Foundation was established in 2005. The main aim of Arihant Education Foundation is to impart the education to improve quality to Society with special reference to weaker section of the society. To fulfill this main objective and goals the parent organization was established Arihant College of Education (B.Ed) in 2009. From that moment Arihant College of Education Library enriches the rich collection of different kinds of books, periodicals, magazines, CDs, teaching aids, dissertation and theses etc.

Library Visions

The library of Arihant College of Education is available for students and teachers for 12 hours. The following are Vision and Mission with objectives of library.

Vision and Mission:

  1. Providing text books and other reading materials to students and professors.
  2. If there is no book in the library, bring it from other libraries through inter-exchange.
  3. Providing reference texts.
  4. Making reading sections available.
  5. Organizing book exhibitions on special days.
  6. Provide career guidance, information on competitive exams in this regard and provide information on all texts and journals.
  7. Provide up-to-date information to teachers and students by removing newspaper clippings.
  8. Giving information about the reference text and giving guidance on its content and how to use that text.


  1. To guide the use of the library.
  2. To develop reading skills in students.
  3. To assist in research work to students and Teachers
  4. To provide Study Materials to students and Teachers
  5. To guide the reader

Librarian's message

In any educational institution, the library is the link between teaching, learning and evaluation. The teaching and learning pool cannot survive without this strong link, so the library is of paramount importance in the field of education.
Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam had said this while inaugurating a library. He was of the view that “libraries in India should become research centers” so that research could be made more efficient and transparent.
The attitude towards the library in the past was very negative; the library was just a bookstore. But in modern times, libraries have become a very important tool for imparting knowledge. At present, libraries are not only medium for study and reading but also for research, innovation and expression.

Libraries and Search Engines

Libraries and search engines are places to get information. Library provides information offline while search engine provides online information but the term automatic library combines the two. Therefore, modern libraries have become very well equipped and a storehouse of information and knowledge. Recognizing the importance of the library, the government has also started the project ‘Gaon Tithe Granthalaya’. The previous objective was to make the reading movement and the Ganga of knowledge reach every household.

Library Staff

The various kinds of functions in the Arihant College of Library are carried out by different types of sections: They are listed below.

Library Sections

The library runs by the following sections and departments:

  • Acquisition/Technical Processing Section(where all the documents are acquired and process accordingly)
  • Circulation Section (From where one can issue and return documents).
  • Periodical Section (from where one can get journals, magazines, newspapers).
  • Reference Section (where we get all reference documents such as Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Almanac, Handbooks, Directories, Reports, Conference Proceedings, Bibliography, Indexes, Biographies, Atlases and maps, Thesis and Dissertations).
  • Thesis and Dissertations Section different kind of sections having different thesis and dissertation are available.
  • Stack Section(where all the books are kept)
  • Study Room Section(generally attach to stack room section from where users easily search the books of his/her interest and can read in study room)
  • IT Section (from where users can access the internet as well as library’s e-collections such as e-databases, e-journals, e-books etc.)
  • Back Volume Sections (Where all the previous volumes of Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines are kept.)
  • Reprography Section (almost a new concept where we can take zerox and print of study material, syllabus and question papers etc.)
  • Teaching Aids Sections(All the teaching aids are provided to students)

Library Committee

Library committee does the function the Library management and others. Arihant College of Education Library has library committee. There are seven members are included in this committee Principal, Dr. Sujata Admuthe is chairman and librarian, Mr. Sanjay Koli is secretary of the Library Committee.

Library Committee 2023-2024


Sr.  No.

Name   of Faculty




Dr. Sujata Adamuthe




Prof. Anuradha Salvi

Asst. Professor



Prof. Chaitali Sinha

Asst. Professor



Prof. Rameshwari Shende

Asst.  Professor



Miss. Theosia Morris


Student Representative


Prof. Sanjay Koli



Library Staff


Sr.  No.

Name of Staff





Prof. Sanjay A. Koli



 8 Years

Library Services

Library Services provided by the library to students online and offline. It can include instruction on how to access and use library materials; Arihant College of Education Library carries forward following the services and facilities.


For the students and teachers. They are listed below. The Library services / facilities include:

  1. Circulation Service
  2. Reference Service
  3. Online reservation of books
  4. Recommendation of library material
  5. Current Awareness Service
  6. Photocopying / Printing Service
  7. Orientation and Information Sessions
  8. SMS Alert Services and Email Alert Services
  9. Information services
  10. Study Materials and Teaching Aids Service
  11. Internet and WI-FI Service

Library Time Table

Library opens 12 hours for the students and teachers in the period of examination but for the provisions of the readers and users; we set the time table of the library. The following Time Table chart is given below.






10.00 A.M. To 5.00   P.M.   



10:00 A.M. To 6500   P.M.   

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